PatientClick’s Virtual Visit Telemedicine Solution

PATIENTCLICK®’s Virtual Visit TELEMEDICINE SOLUTION allows physician practices to utilize secured web-based technology to reach out to patients beyond the geographical boundaries of their office location. PatientClick® Telemedicine solution helps reduce the inconvenience of staff and patient travel; and also enables a higher level of patient care utilizing technology as an enabler. The solution also enables virtual patient monitoring for long-term care facilities.

SECURE VIDEO – PatientClick®’s Virtual Visit Telemedicine solution offers secured audio/video capabilities on true web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The technology works with PC, Mac, iOS, Android and is also independent from browser type, working with all browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome. HD quality audio/video technology allows clear communication between patient and physician; this results in better patient care and higher patient satisfaction.

Physician Experience

 LIVE EHR INTERFACE – since PatientClick® offers Meaningful Use certified EHR technology as a flagship product, the telemedicine interface is built-in with a live EHR solution. This allows clinics and/or physician groups to use EHR and the Telemedicine solution with one provider tightly integrated.   As a Meaningful Use compliant Electronic Health Record technology, PatientClick® EHR also allows users to continue using their current EHR but use PatientClick® EHR & Telemedicine Solution exclusively for Telemedicine or virtual visits and push visit notes and clinical data back into practice EHR using HL7 interface. PatientClick® offers Free HL7 interface to Physicians for EHR of their choice.

INTUITIVE SCHEDULING – Telemedicine visits are different in many ways from regular in-clinic visits and depending upon user’s requirements.  If a Telemedicine solution is used by physician groups to provide this solution to a remote site, they may need to ensure that a staff member is also available at the location at the time of appointment scheduling; PatientClick® technology allows users/clinics to schedule multiple resources, reduce the gap in the scheduling process, which results into the better customer experience.  Telemedicine Scheduling also enables existing staff to schedule regular visits and telemedicine or remote visit using the same scheduler and same patient database.

LIVE CHAT – Allows patient to chat with clinical staff such as Nurse, PA or even scheduling staff using a secured chat application built into the Patient Portal and Tele Medicine Interface.  This allows patients to ask a specific question to staff members; reduces hours of waiting on the phone or waiting for email from staff.  Practice can choose to enable or disable this feature based on the clinic’s preference and specialty.

E-VISIT BILLING – Built-in practice management solution allow you to generate claims or even can process cash and/or credit card payment direct from the same interface. Staff can check eligibility for a virtual visit a day in advance and can communicate ahead of time with insurance companies or patients. Telemedicine solution comes preloaded with commonly used CPT codes for telehealth or telemedicine visit in outpatient settings.

PATIENT ENGAGEMENT – Since the patient is not physically in the same location as the provider or clinical staff, patient engagement and communication play a major role in a virtual consultation.  PatientClick® Telemedicine solution focuses on physician office efficiency as well as improving the patient care delivery mechanism.  The quality of the patient experience with a virtual visit would encourage patients to go for a similar consultation in the future.

PATIENT PORTAL – PatientClick® offers an intuitive patient portal with the Telemedicine suite which offers a few important features such as:

– Patients can request new appointments Online

– Patient can now from home or healthcare facility review his/her Visit Outcome

– To ensure the provider has the most accurate and recent data; the Patient can edit or update Demographic information and Medical & Social History before the appointment or virtual encounter.

– Patient can securely upload Previous or current medical reports to ensure clinician has most recent medical data such as lab reports or X-ray/MRI information available.  This also can save travel time for patients to deliver such reports physically to practice.

– After a virtual visit, based on diagnosis, Patient can now access educational material online

ePRESCRIPTION – Built in ePrescription (eRx) module allows physicians to prescribe medication directly from the telemedicine interface, since it is an EHR + Telemedicine solution it also takes care of drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy interactions as well as dosage calculation based on age, gender and BMI or patients. The integrated solution helps staff to be more efficient.

PATIENT HEALTH DATA COMPILER  – Telemedicine technology allows physicians to reconcile multiple HL7 messages and CDA files from multiple clinics or hospital facilities into a single clinical data file to get a complete picture of what’s going on with a patient.  End-of-care: Physicians can print out or digitally share visit data with patients as well as hospital/other clinics with a single click. The solution is designed to exchange data with multiple systems without any high-end technology intervention.

QUICK COLLABORATION – PatientClick® EHR + Virtual Visit Telemedicine Solution facilitates collaboration. Medical professionals and clinicians can easily seek secondary opinions or exchange clinical data and use this solution as a collaboration tool to look at the same patient data across multiple locations.

To learn more about the PatientClick® Virtual Visit Telemedicine Solution or to schedule a quick demo, call 1-877-901-9990.