Scheduling is always a major challenge for any healthcare facility, regardless of size or specialty. The PatientClick Online Scheduler tool reduces patient no-shows, and reduces time spent on administrative tasks by giving more control to patients.

Our Scheduler allows patients to easily see which appointment times are available, allowing them to find the dates and times that work best for their schedules. If any scheduling problems arise, patients can simply log in and notify the office, providing more opportunity for another patient to fill the newly available appointment time.

Use ePrescription (eRx) to Fill Prescriptions Electronically :

Our EHR services extend to electronic prescriptions as well. Using our eRx tool, doctors can submit prescriptions electronically, allowing patients to receive medications more efficiently and eliminating the risk that poor handwriting will lead to incorrectly filled prescriptions.

The eRx tool also increases patient safety by checking appropriate drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, and drug-to-food information to reduce the risk of adverse drug interactions occurring. Necessary notifications are provided instantly at the time of prescribing.

To learn more, or to see a demonstration of our Scheduler or eRx tool, please contact us today.

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