Practice Management

PatientClick Practice Management Solution with built-in automation

PatientClick’s EHR + Practice Management Solution is a medical billing software that brings the latest technology advancements to manage the day-to-day task of private practices and clinics. The medical billing software’s built-in automation tool takes care of single or batch eligibility checks, secure patient communications and provides the facility to automate claim submission. The medical billing software also helps with auto-posting of EOBs for clinics.


Since the software takes care of all the basic daily tasks, the billing staff can focus their time on complex claims and collecting more cash for the practice, rather than spend their time on data entry and data posting. PatientClick EHR + Practice Management Solution requires less staff to manage, freeing up personnel to cater to more patients in the same time. It also offers a cost effective way to manage bills in a faster, smarter and more accurate manner.


The medical billing software also makes it easy for your staff to print patient statements and send them electronically to patients, or share it digitally on the Patient Portal. This not only makes your clinic more efficient but also presents a better image to patients and caregivers, making it convenient for them to remain in touch with your private practice or clinic.


The medical billing software is packed with library of more than 100+ management reports that are crucial for making informed decisions by senior management. There are also scores of other reports for office managers and physicians to help them identify and focus on issues that need immediate attention. Since the reports are accessible via web-based platform, they are available 24/7 and can be viewed on your smartphones, tablets or laptops.


For more on the PatientClick Practice Management Solution, you can call us at 1-877-901-9990 to schedule a no-obligation free demonstration.