Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

Scheduling :  Intuitive calendar provides easy management of physician’s schedule with multiple providers and offices.  Drag and drop capabilities change schedules and user-defined rules color code appointments and default time.  Customized information display gives the ability for practices to view only information necessary for their workflow.

Clinical Documents : The Progress Notes interface is simple and easy-to-use. This customizable PatientClick module allows physicians to create encounter notes in multiple ways tailored to their unique needs. The efficient progress notes module also saves time with one-click replication of the patient’s last prescription and notes.

ePrescription :  With PatientClick eRx, physicians can fill prescriptions electronically, eliminating the risk of incorrectly filled prescriptions due to handwritten errors, thereby increasing patient safety. Drug interaction checking is done at the time of prescribing to eliminate adverse medication events utilizing drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, and drug-to-age checking.  

PatientClick eRx qualifies physicians’ practices for Medicare/Medicaid incentive payments.

MU Dashboard :  Real-time Meaningful Use dashboard provides ability to track and monitor practice performance on a periodic basis.  With real-time information tracking, a provider can easily track and fix meaningful use requirements.

HIExchange:  PatientClick’s electronic health data exchange facilitates interoperability and is critical in connecting various providers and patients. Certified to use both Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards, PatientClick is able to securely exchange patient health information within the medical community.

Lab Interface : The lab interface streamlines the test ordering as well as the recordkeeping processes. Physicians and hospitals receive the results electronically which automatically populates the EMR so that providers can more easily manage treatment.  Some of the labs we work with are:


Location - North Carolina Serving - Across the Nation.

Quest Diagnostics

Location - New Jersey Serving - Across the Nation

Northern Plain Labs

Location - North Dakota Serving - North of United States

PeaceHealth Laboratories

Location - Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Serving - Oregon, Washington and Alaska

Clinical Pathology Labs

Location -Texas Serving - Southwest Region

Regional Medical Laboratory

Location - Texas Serving - South Texas