Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Spend more time with Patients, Not Paperwork !

Communication is key in the medical industry. Open engagement between physicians and patients can mean better preventative care, increased patient comfort/confidence, and increased efficiency within the practice. Our EMR technology makes it possible to elevate patient engagement, providing all of these benefits and more.

To provide the best care possible, physicians require accurate and thorough medical histories for their patients. Our EMR software provides patients with a convenient online platform where they can easily share and store this information. This can streamline the intake process, reducing wait times, and improving the quality of care.

Patients Stay Informed and Notified:

Instead of having to call into the office repeatedly, which increases administrative burdens, patients can use our online patient engagement software. The Patient Portal allows them to confirm appointment times, to check treatment information, and to answer many other questions.

Physicians understandably do not have an overabundance of time to take calls from patients who need to verify information or have questions about care plans. Providing patient communication tools online offers a much-needed solution, connecting care providers with their clients.

PatientClick EHR Platform provides tools to physicians and their patients to stay connected and to communicate with ease.  For more information about our patient engagement solutions please call 1-877-901-9990.