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With the implementation of Meaningful Use, healthcare organizations were encouraged to switch to an Electronic Health Record software. But many practices were rushed into making the decision, picking the absolutely WRONG software for their practice.


It is crucial for your practice to take your time to research and avoid making the same EHR mistakes to help protect your office from costly errors and unnecessary heartache.


Switching your EHR can be another challenging nightmare. But chances are you are missing out on some essential features that might significantly improve patient care and streamline office efficiency.


If you have decided to look for a new EHR software, you in the right place because we have gathered the top 5 features that the best EHR software companies make them successful.

Patient Portal  


A top-of-the-line patient portal will give users access to multiple features that will make their lives easier and speed you practice’s streaming process. These features include: visit summaries, medications, lab results, secure communication exchange with the provider through email or virtual visit, appointment scheduling, patient education, request a prescription refill.




Getting paid by your services should be at the top of your priorities as a practice. An EHR software that allows you to do that in a seemingly way, will take care of basic tasks while the billing staff focus their time on more complex claims or collecting cash for the practice rather than spending time on data entry.


Some features you’ll want to look for: Automate claim submission, process single or batch eligibility checks, or help with auto-posting of Explanation Of Benefits for the practice.  




Keeping track of notes during appointments is key. Look for a software that allows you to create notes and charts in multiple ways tailored to your needs. The best EHR in the market will offer different ways to create and customize chart notes to accommodate your needs.




Your EHR should have the ability of E-prescribing. This tool eliminates the risk of incorrectly filling prescriptions due to human errors. Checking drug interaction will be an option offered that can be done during the time of prescribing to avoid drug contradictions.


Meaningful Use certification


As we discussed earlier, Medicare and Medicaid offer incentives to those physicians who can prove they are using “Meaningful Use” technology. Look for a software that provides you with the ability to track and monitor your practice’s performance, and track and fix meaningful use requirements.




EHR softwares are essential to providing excellent patient care, improve patient satisfaction and positively impact performance for physicians and private practice providers. The key to reaching optimal performance is finding the best software for your practice.

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