PatientClick Launches Ground-breaking Electronic Medical Record-keeping for Physicians & Small Clinics

Cleveland, Ohio- PatientClick® EHR (, a leader in innovative medical solutions, just released a pioneering approach to web-based electronic medical service (EMR) delivery designed specifically with physicians and small medical clinics in mind. The PatientClick system gives medical providers instant access to critical patient information at the touch of a button, simultaneously increasing efficiency and ultimately improving patient care.

 “Providers are scrambling to comply with President Obama’s HITECH Act, which mandates the transition from paper to electronic medical records by 2015. Until now, making that transition was time-consuming and expensive, with only a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option for medical practitioners,” said Vish Mehta, CEO of privately held PatientClick® solves that problem through its innovative online service, which, unlike other EHR systems, is customizable, affordable, and user-friendly for smaller practices. Complying with Federal mandates just became as easy as opening your web browser.

The internet-based PatientClick application is easy to navigate — the software allows for customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multi-provider communication tools on any desktop PC, smartphone, or web enabled tablet device, like the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy S. Its customizable software also offers comprehensive practice management services – like the ability to write prescriptions electronically and send and receive lab results – and covers more than 30 medical specialties.

“PatientClick® offers a number of advantages over other EHR solutions currently offered,” said Mehta, “and the service allows practitioners to see more patients, and provide more personalized care. As a result, claims are filed faster, meaning faster reimbursements and a better experience for patients.” Physicians using the service are extremely impressed with the results.

“PatientClick®’s EMR software makes daily life quick and efficient,” said a Michigan-based physician who recently purchased a subscription to the service and who has used it extensively. “It is in every aspect superior to its competitors. Right from accessing patient demographics to submitting insurance claims, PatientClick® is a well-structured product and I would certainly recommend to other physicians.”

Mehta said practitioners who subscribe to PatientClick® are eligible to receive federal stimulus cash payments, up to $44,000 for five years, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). “This will more than cover the costs associated with subscribing and installing the PatientClick system,” says Mehta.

Test lab and certification service Drummond Group, Inc. has certified PatientClick as meeting all ONC-ATCB ARRA ambulatory industry standards as established by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.  

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About PatientClick

PatientClick® (, based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in San Diego, Calif., offers innovative online electronic medical service solutions designed and built specifically with physicians and small medical clinics in mind. The service provides 24/7 year-round support, with no costly hardware to install and with a minimal amount of time required to get up and running. PatientClick’s services are scalable, so they can fit a physician’s practice large or small. The specialty-specific EMR software service covers more than 30 medical specialties and can be customized to fit individual needs and workflow of any physician’s office. For more information call 1-877-901-9990

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